Thursday, January 17, 2008

Project Budburst 2008 begins Feb 15

Mark your calendars for the kick off of Project BudBurst on February 15, 2008!

Project BudBurst will officially get underway for the 2008 campaign on
February 15, 2008. Due to the overwhelming interest in last years'
project, we are very confident that the 2008 campaign will be a success

and that the observations reported on the Project BudBurst Web site
be useful to phenologists and climate scientists.

We are excited to announce new features added to the Website that will
greatly expand the usability and enhance your experience while
participating in Project BudBurst!

* Expanded time to participate! Staring February 15^th and
continuing until the fall.
* A myBudBurst member registration space! This allows you to save
your observation sites and plants online as you monitor
phenological changes throughout the year and for future years.
* More plant species! We have expanded the targeted species list
based on your feedback. We have also included the 19
species from the National Phenology Network.
* Feature of the Month! Each month our Website will share pictures
of the latest plants blooming.
* An online geolocator! This gives you an easy way to obtain
latitude and longitude coordinates for your observation sites

Project BudBurst is a national field campaign for citizen scientists
designed to engage the public in the collection of important climate
change data based on the timing of leafing and flowering of trees and
flowers. Last year's inaugural event drew thousands of people of all
ages taking careful observations of the /phenological/ events such as
the first bud burst, first leafing, first flower, and seed or fruit
dispersal of a diversity of tree and flower species, including weeds
ornamentals. Your help in making observations and sharing information
about Project BudBurst will help us in making this year even more

Again, welcome to 2008 Project BudBurst starting February 15th !!

Project BudBurst Team

BudBurst mailing list

End of BudBurst Digest, Vol 3, Issue 1

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