Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Student Poster Contest for Cit Sci Symposium

This post is for information about the student poster contest for the Citizen Science Symposium at Camp Bayou, Friday- Saturday, March 20-21, 2009. Students will be asked to pick a citizen science project from the list in the sidebar of this blog and create a poster for the event. The students don't actually have to do the citizen science project although it helps to understand what it is. The idea is to create a display to explain and encourage others to do a particular project. Kind of like a book report but the title is one of the citizen science projects listed, and the pages are all on the web. Posters must contain the following components:
1- give background on the science it addresses with acknowledgement to the coordinator of the program.
2- Give a brief description of what the volunteer monitor would need to do to participate. Be sure it is presented in such a way that it encourages folks to sign up.
3- Summarize any conclusions that have been drawn so far from the data collected. If no data is available, or if no conclusions are specified, give a brief summary of the kinds of questions that might be answered when the results have been evaluated.
The poster used should be a standard white 24" x 36" poster board.
Posters will be judged by the scientists attending the event, plus a added point for the 'People's Choice'.
Posters must include the student's name, teacher, school and an email address or phone number. This information should be printed on an index card attached to the back of the poster. Posters must be received by 8am, Friday, March 20, 2009 but can be dropped off before the event on any Thursday- Saturday between the hours of 9am-2pm. Posters can be picked up after the Symposium, on any Thursday- Saturday during regular business hours, 9am-2pm. Any poster not picked up by May 2 will be considered a donation to Camp Bayou.
First, second and third place certificates and a bag of nature/science goodies will be awarded in 3 categories: 3rd grade and younger; 4-7th grade; and 8th grade and up,
Questions should be emailed to, subject cit sci posters.

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