Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gravestones Talking through Time

ScienceDaily (2009-12-15) -- A visit to your local graveyard can provide not only a history lesson, but a science lesson as well. Historians have long scoured old burial sites to piece together the stories of those who rest there, but today scientists are learning much more from those letters carved in stone. Gravestones are telling the story of changes in Earth's atmospheric chemistry and rainfall. Moreover, scientists are asking for your help to read the stones.

Participants are asked to take measurements using simple calipers and GPS, following a set of scientific protocols that are explained online. Data is then logged by participants directly into the scientific database via the project Web site. The project is part of the new global citizen science program called EarthTrek, which is administered by The Geological Society of America in partnership with organizations across America and around the globe.

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Bryan said...

The Gravestone Project is amazing. I hope that a lot of people choose to participate. I can't wait to see the results.