Friday, January 8, 2010

Cuban Treefrogs in Florida

For many years, concerned Floridians have been reporting Cuban Treefrog sightings to Dr. Steve Johnson at the University of Florida. Cuban Treefrogs are common in suburban Florida, where they have become a huge nuisance to humans. As a result, more Floridians are now becoming informed and taking action to help manage these frogs in their neighborhoods. We believe that their efforts can make a difference, helping to reduce Cuban Treefrog populations and slow their spread into new areas. Removing Cuban Treefrogs may also help native treefrogs to survive in suburban areas -- some people report that they have seen more native treefrogs after they started to capture and humanely euthanize the invaders. Now, scientists are asking Floridians to participate in a Citizen Scientist project by taking the time to report their efforts.

You can help by telling them:
How many Cuban Treefrogs have you captured and euthanized?
When and where did you catch them?
How big were they?
Have you seen any native treefrogs?
Have you noticed anything unusual that might be of interest?

Participating can be as simple as taking photos of the frogs you euthanize and sending them in with your data sheet (a list of how many frogs you catch). You can play an important role in helping to learn more about the ecology of Cuban Treefrogs in suburban areas of Florida and the effectiveness of citizens' efforts to manage these invasive frogs. For step by step instructions go to

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