Monday, March 29, 2010

Banded Piping Plovers sightings

In an effort to determine where Piping Plovers wintering in The Bahamas are staging during migration, and breeding, 57 birds were uniquely color-marked this winter in The Bahamas for Environment Canada by Sidney Maddock and Peter Doherty, with help from The Bahamas National Trust.

Each bird has a black flag (band with a tab sticking out slightly) on the upper left leg, nothing on the upper right, a single color band on one lower leg, and two color bands (which can be the same color on top of each other) on the other lower leg. Colors used included: red, orange, yellow, white, light green, dark green, dark blue, and black.

Please report all sightings to CHERI GRATTO-TREVOR, Prairie and Northern Wildlife Research Centre, Environment Canada, 115 Perimeter Road, Saskatoon, SK S7N 0X4 Canada (email), noting the color and location of each band on the bird, and location and behaviour of the bird (on nest or brood, foraging at migratory stop-over, etc.), as well as presumed sex of the bird if possible. Thanks for any assistance!

(Source: Jaywatch e-newsletter)

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