Monday, January 3, 2011

Spiders in Space

This may not be a classic type of citizen science but it sounds pretty cool. A comparison study on spider weaving...

From Center for Education Outreach, Baylor College of Medicine

Building upon the success of the 2009 Butterflies in Space Student Investigation, two new student life science investigations will be sent to the International Space Station in 2011.
Depending upon launch schedules, the first investigation, an orb-weaving spider comparison study, will start in March. Web-building and other behaviors of the space spiders in microgravity will be compared to those raised in classrooms in normal gravity.
The second investigation, focused on plants, will follow in early May.
Plan now to participate in the 2011 student science investigations in space. Support materials are being prepared and will become available on-line ( in early January.

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