Sunday, May 15, 2011

Become a TBEP "Tide Watcher"

From the Tampa Bay Estuary Program:

What will coastal areas around Tampa Bay, Florida look like as the sea level continues to rise?
The Tampa Bay Estuary Program is spearheading a photo-documentary project called "Tide Watch." Local citizens are asked to become "Tide Watchers" in an effort to document flooding during the upcoming "king tides." TBEP will be working with its sister NEP's in Florida to enlist citizens in this unusual project, to raise awareness of the potential impacts of rising seas on our shorelines and communities.
King tides are extremely high tides which occur typically two times per year, in the spring and fall, when the earth, sun, and moon align and the gravitational pull is at its greatest. This gravitational force causes king tides which can push enough water to raise sea levels by as much as a foot in some areas. Fishermen will be familiar with this astronomical phenomenon which exacerbates both the low tide and the high or 'spring tide.'

In the Tampa Bay area the spring king tide is expected to be in May, 2011; the fall tide is expected to be in October, 2011.
It is no secret that scientists believe climate change will raise sea level by several inches to several feet within the next century. The king tides represent a temporary yet highly visual way to determine what impacts we can expect as sea levels rise in the future. Many local government agencies are working to incorporate science-based sea-level rise projections into future planning.
Citizens will be able to participate as "Tide Watchers" by taking photos of areas during the king tide to photo-document changes on land from the unusually high tide.
What does it take to be a "Tide Watcher?"
•All you need is a camera and a view of the rising waters.
•Take some photos of the rising water during the spring high "King Tide" and upload them to Flickr or Facebook sites or e-mail them to
•The tides will be at their highest during the late afternoon on Tuesday, May 17th through Friday, May 20th.
•Find specific high tide times and locations near you.

Flickr members, log in and go to "Florida Tide Watch" group to start uploading
If you like Facebook better, upload your photos to TBEP's Facebook page
Or just send them to
Be sure to include date, time, and location where your photo was taken in your upload information.

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