Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Great Bee Count on July 16th

This year, the Great Sunflower Project would like everyone - even those of you who haven’t sent in observations – to make the effort to join the Great Bee Count of 2011 on July 16th. The best way to sample is to sample every other week but if you only count bees once this year, make it on July 16.
Now more than ever, bee populations are endangered. The more we know about pollinator service across the country, the more action will be able to be taken to preserve and enhance pollinator habitat. We’re joining together to learn more, and we’re taking time to share what we’ve observed.

This project prefers that you count bees on a particular sunflower- a variety named Lemon Queen. This is because it's nectar is more consistent across individual plants than other sunflower or nectar plants so it is better for doing scientific studies because there are fewer variables to account for statistically. In the past, I've had problems finding local sources for this seed but was delighted to find them at Lowe's this year. I hear they are also at Walmart. In most areas, it takes between 8 - 10 weeks for sunflowers to bloom from seed.

Get out and plant your seeds now to join the Great Bee Count on July 16!

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Katy Thompson said...

Your locally owned independent garden centers also carry the needed seeds.