Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Search space website reviewers

From Pamela Gay of Zooniverse, FYI…
Later this week or early next week, the New Horizons Mission in collaboration with the Zooniverse will be launching a new website designed to get your help finding the object or objects that New Horizons will visit after its 2015 flyby of Pluto. This website, still in demo, is filled with images containing Kuiper belt objects, variable stars (potentially even novae), and asteroids, all waiting for you to discover and confirm their presence.
The website's designers, Pamela Gay and her team at SIUE, would love your help making sure the website is ready for the public (and your help searching the images for objects!). If you have time, can you please go to…
…and try out the site (Zooniverse login required). If you see anything that needs changing, just click the "report software issues" link, and drop the team an email.

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