Thursday, May 17, 2012

Enter TBEP's King Tide Photo Contest

From TBEP:

The King Tide is coming!

Take photos of the high and low tides June 1-5.  Win up to $200 in cash prizes by submitting photos taken during the high tide set to happen June 1-5 (varies upon location). The Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay Estuary Programs are looking for "tide-watchers" to photograph our coastlines, flooded roads, ponds and other areas affected by rising water.

King Tides occur when the moon and sun align on one side of the Earth and their gravitational pull forces combine to create extraordinarily high tides -- usually twice a year.
Why take photos? King Tides provide a glimpse of what our landscape will have to contend with in coming years as the sea level rises. Photos should document both a low tide and high tide at the same location and be e-mailed to with exact location. Submission deadline is June 11; for more information contact or click here.

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