Monday, June 9, 2014

Seeking Kestrel sightings

From FWC researchers:
Kestrel enthusiasts!
We have launched a new interactive web page to solicit sightings of Southeastern American Kestrels during the breeding season: 
This resource will help us update our understanding of kestrel distribution at a fine scale, build better habitat models, and target where to implement conservation actions.  Note we are accepting sightings from previous years as well!
Two other focal species of conservation concern are included on this sighting registry: Florida Burrowing Owl and Painted Bunting.
I would be grateful if you would disseminate this to your co-workers, staff, and students in your organization.  Feel free to post widely on birdwatching lists as well.
Thanks for your assistance!
Karl E. Miller, Ph.D.
Upland Nongame Bird Lead
Fish & Wildlife Research Institute
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
1105 SW Williston Road
Gainesville, FL 32601
352-334-4215 (office)
352-955-2183 (fax)

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