Sunday, September 28, 2014

Citizen Science handout for LEEF mini-con

This post is for those who could not attend the session at LEEF's Fall mini-conference on Saturday, Oct 4, 2014 at St. Marks Wildlife Refuge and for those who did attend so they can easily click on the links discussed during...

If you can’t Beat ‘em, Join ‘em 
 (or how to combine technology and the outdoors)

The citizen science programs currently in mind for a current grant proposal are:
World Water Monitoring Challenge- ; water quality
Yardmap- ; habitat improvement
FWC reports- ; species monitoring- opportunist
iNaturalist- – species reporting- opportunist or monitoring
Project Budburst- – climate change evidence through plant phenology
            (Camp Bayou example:
Florida Lakewatch- – water quality
EDDmaps- – invasive species plants and animals
            Mobile report form:

Other citizen science programs appropriate for classroom:
Swallowtail kites: database of sightings; mobile app: KiteSight
Bumblebee Watch: – native bee populations
Zooniverse- - commitment to producing real research on a variety of topics
Of course there are many more... which ones would you add to this list of citizen science programs that are appropriate for the classroom in Florida? We are focusing on cost-free programs that produce real scientifically relevant data that has the potential to be used for real research.

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