Monday, September 15, 2008

Illegal dumping in storm drainage system

From John McGee,  Stormwater Environmental Education Programs Coordinator (please note that the info sheet mentioned below is not attached to this post. Please contact Mr. McGee if you see incidents of illegal dumping and he will email the attachment to you):
Hi everyone,

Attached is an info sheet on Illicit Discharges.  It's a strange name, but that's what the industry calls illegal dumping and illegal connections to the stormwater system.  There's an ordinance against it in Hillsborough County and in most other municipalities nationwide.  Even grass clippings and dirt in the drains can be an illicit discharge.  And remember the street is part of the drainage system.  The info sheet gives you the details.  If you see incidents of dumping or connection you can report it.  We'll send out trained investigators to handle the rest.

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requires that we take steps to identify and eliminate illicit discharges, as well as educate the public about them.  Not only do illicit discharges make up a large contribution to stormwater pollution and increase flooding hazards, but it costs a bundle of our tax dollars every year to clean out the miles of ditches, gutters, and pipes.  That's money and time we would much rather spend making streets and drainage better.

Feel free to pass the info on.  We all live here and use the same infrastructure.  Let's help take care of it.


John McGee
Environmental Scientist II
Stormwater Environmental Education
Programs Coordinator
2420 N Falkenburg Rd
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 744-5671

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