Thursday, January 29, 2009

Citizen Science Photo Contest

Calling all nature photographers!

A photo contest began on February 1 and will continue until the start of the Citizen Science Symposium at Camp Bayou on March 20-21, 2009. Winners will be announced at the end of the event.
Contest rules:
1. The subject of the pictures should be plants growing at Camp Bayou that are in various stages of growth. See the Project Budburst website for explanations of the various phases. Other subjects are permitted in the photo (insects, spiders, etc.) but the focus should be on the plant and its growth phase. Camp Bayou is open Thursday- Saturday, 9am-2pm.
2. Photos must be in a digital .jpg format, no larger than 4000 KB.
3. Photos should be emailed to , along with the following info in this format:
Town, state:
email address:
growth phase:
Comments/observations from the field (optional):
Entries that are not complete will not be accepted.

4. The contest is open to all ages.
5. Photos will be placed on the Cit Sci Flickr site and be available for viewing by the general public. Photos may be reduced in size to 400 KB before appearing on the Cit Sci Flickr site to ensure space for everyone's work. Participation in this contest implies that contestant agrees to allow photo to be used by Camp Bayou for publicity, exhibit or other purposes without financial compensation. During the Citizen Science Symposium, March 20-21, 2009, all the photos will on display through a digital slideshow.
6. Photos will be judged on clarity of growth phase pictured. For more on growth phases see announcement online at

Grand Prize: A canvas bag filled with goodies to help get the most of our your day outdoors: binoculars, critter keeper, field guide, bandana, water bottle, sunscreen, bug repellent and more, plus a Camp Bayou t-shirt and hat"

For updates on this and other Citizen Science Symposium information, follow the link located at Contact Dolly if you have questions at

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