Friday, March 6, 2009

Citizen Science Central: Project Registry now open!

From: Jennifer Lynn Shirk <>
Subject: Citizen Science Central: Project Registry now open!
Date: Friday, March 6, 2009, 4:19 PM

Hi folks, Thanks for your continued interest in Citizen Science Central, as the site grows to better serve this community. The big news for this winter is that we have launched a Project Registry! Project leaders, you can now share information about you project(s), and we will create a page for you in the Project Gateway (it's fast and painless, I promise!). Here's the Registry link: To check out what the results look like, choose any project from the link below (thanks to those of you whose projects are already in this list!). This new format is a step forward from our earlier Project Gateway, allowing us to: 1. include more projects, and a broader range of projects; 2. host more comprehensive information about each project; and 3. check back with you to ensure that project information is up to date. Our vision is that the Gateway can help people find projects… be they volunteers seeking opportunities, project leaders looking for new ideas, or researchers seeking information. The more projects in the Gateway, the richer the resource, so please forward this announcement on to other you know who work with volunteer-based research. The link the Registry again is: More advances are in store for the coming year, so I look forward to being in touch. And I'll look for your projects in the Gateway soon! Cheers, ~~Jennifer Jennifer L. Shirk Citizen Science Toolkit Project Leader Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

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