Saturday, May 9, 2009

Firefly Watch Update

Firefly Watch Update from


New Web Features Now Live 

Here are the highlights of the new Web features:

View and Explore Data The data map has a new format. You can now view everyone's observations by month and year. Clicking on a habitat marker gives you first date seen, last date seen, and maximum number of fireflies seen for that month.

Range Maps In 1966, Dr. James Lloyd, firefly researcher at the University of Florida, produced a pamphlet with range maps for Photinus fireflies. We have reproduced three of these maps so you can see which fireflies might be in your area.

Featured Research Get your information from the source. Here is where we highlight a research paper, provide a synopsis, and a link to the full paper.

Data Facts Although one year is way too short to tell much from the data , it is still fun try to see patterns that might enlighten us about firefly life. Each month, we'll release a new document that focuses on a certain aspect of last year's data (highlighted under "Data Snapshot," at right). You can also download the 2008 data in an Excel file and do your own analysis.

Enhanced Observation Reporting In addition to improved navigation, there is a place to log field notes from each observation, and you can choose to share them on the public data map.

Observation Log New data recording sheet lets you easily record your field data throughout the firefly season.

Firefly Watch Flickr Group Share your best firefly pictures with other members.



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