Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tools Let Public Contribute To Massive Interactive Online Biodiversity Encyclopedia

Great opportunity for citizen scientists:
ScienceDaily (2009-08-26) -- Experts and citizen scientists alike have fuelled explosive growth of the interactive encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia of Life's inventory of Earth's species -- now 150,000 pages of vetted information, en route to 1.8 million (one page for each known species) -- is shedding light on everything from conservation strategies for endangered species to climate change. It will also help slow the global spread of disease-bearing or invasive pests. Scientists are also outfitting EOL with tags to help scour the data for the secrets of long life. As detailed below, EOL may one day help advance human longevity -- explaining, for example, why certain species, even those within the same family, live longer than others, opening promising new avenues of aging research.

Read the entire article at Science Daily.

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