Monday, March 29, 2010

Marked Great White Heron sightings wanted

Marked Great White Heron sightings wanted
Marked in south Florida

Avian Research and Conservation Institute (Gainesville, Florida) has color banded 42 juveniles and six adults as part of a study of foraging ranges and dispersal of Great White Herons in southern Florida. We would appreciate reports of any observations of these marked birds, which might be seen anywhere on the Atlantic or Gulf coasts or in the Caribbean. The bands are positioned high (tibia) on the RIGHT leg and are either RED or BLUE with white letters and numbers. This alpha-numeric code consists of two characters stacked vertically (e.g., T over 3). There also will be a USFWS aluminum band low (tarsus) on the left leg. An additional 26 Great White Herons were marked only with USFWS bands.

If you see one of these marked birds, please report the band color and the alpha-numeric code (as much of it as you can read), date, and location as specifically as possible. All information should be sent by email to Gina Kent at zimmerman (at) All observers will receive background information on the bird they report and will be acknowledged in print.

(Source: Jaywatch e-newsletter)

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