Thursday, April 18, 2013

Protect Beach-Nesting Birds- Pinellas

Volunteers Needed to Help Protect Beach-Nesting Birds
Florida's beach-nesting birds are struggling to survive. Without active protection, these birds could disappear from our beaches.

The biggest threat to beach-nesting birds is disturbance from people visiting the beach. This threat increases when the birds lay their eggs in spring and summer, which coincides with peak recreational use of the beaches. The eggs and chicks are camouflaged to match their sandy environment and are difficult to see.

As a Bird Steward volunteer, you can play an important role in protecting the birds nesting on our beaches, and give their babies a better shot at survival.

Bird Stewards are needed every weekend from May 18 through Labor Day, wherever the birds are nesting on public beaches, usually Indian Shores, Ft. DeSoto, Egmont Key and 3 Rooker Bar.

An Anchor Steward will be on-site each weekend from 10-4 at Ft. DeSoto and Indian Shores. they provide training as well as umbrellas, chairs and all the info you need to be a great Bird Steward. Volunteers work 3-hour shifts.

In addition to protecting the birds, you also have the chance to share what you are learning with people of all ages. It's a fun way to connect children with nature and inspire a new generation of environmental stewardship.


Southern Pinellas
Ft Desoto & Indian Shores -
Egmont Key -
Northern Pinellas
3 Rooker Bar -

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