Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Project BudBurst at Camp Bayou

Camp Bayou has become a community partner in Project BudBurst. This means that specific Camp Bayou plants are highlighted in the larger BudBurst system so that visitors can participate in a citizen science programs specially focused on native Florida plants found at the preserve. The folks at BudBurst have even set up a dedicated webpage- with poster and flyer downloads- to help folks learn about these plants that are near and dear to our hearts.

From the Project BudBurst e-newletter (which you can sign up for on our BudBurst page :o):

Camp Bayou-Our Newest Partner

Camp Bayou, located in Ruskin, Florida, is our newest Community BudBurst partner. The Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center will engage their visitors, volunteers, and school groups in making plant phenology observations through Project BudBurst. Learn more about Camp Bayou on the plants they are monitoring at

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